The Living Room - Story Time for Grownups.

Calling all Story Tellers! The Living Room Story-time is a space for friends, neighbors and perfect strangers who are comfortable in front of an audience and want to share their stories in order to satisfy a need for creativity and connection.  The story time gathering features six true to life stories for mature audiences that focus on varying adventures about love, sex, death, health and spiritual transformation. The event begins at 7:00 pm.  The stories are not an open mic.  They are not exactly rehearsed, read nor memorized. They are organized. Come and listen to the Living Room Stories on the First Saturday of the month. 

First Saturdays.
7 pm. Unity of Austin Church 

5501 West Highway 290 Austin TX 78735. 
$10.00 cover at the door. (cash only) 

So...You Want To tell A Story?

To share your story at our monthly gathering, we encourage you to attend a free monthly HOW TO TELL A STORY lunchtime workshop at the Twin Oaks library. After we receive your sign up request, we send you notices about the next one. If you are unable to attend a workshop, you can still sign up to tell a story here. We contact you soon after to  hear the story you want to tell. Click below to sign up. 

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Events + Community

Create. Collaborate. Celebrate. It all happens in Community.
2024 will be a great year for us to be and stay connected. 

WHAT IS A BARDO WORKSHOP/RETREAT? The Bardo workshops are a series of four seasonal intensives that explore the transitional states of birth, living, dying and death. By using drama therapy, movement, memoir techniques and “presence” practices, the participants explore role playing, dance and self-presentation to investigate and gain insight into their lives. The focus is to uncover their disembodied aspects and behaviors that keep them from “birthing” fully into authentic, expressive and joyful beings!

The two day workshops are purposefully at a private residence so that community is cultivated as a safe container to witness and inspire inter-connection.  DATES FOR 2024 TBA

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Creative Life Coaching
with Amparo Garcia-Crow

You’re successful, yet unfulfilled.

You have done everything that was expected of you.

You have developed a sense of responsibility and obligation and in the process lost what you are passionate about.

Jumpstart your next creative inspiration with Amparo. Through zoom or phone, she offers you new perspectives regarding the power of play and improvisation in life and work. 

The Sessions.

Through individual discovery sessions she designs with you a plan to practice and build an awareness of who you are by design. The plan, inspired by what you want to create from scratch, is designed to help you begin the idea you want to complete. Amparo, a former professor in the Performing Arts and in Creative Writing supports you to create a took box that begins to access your strengths, inner wisdom and talents to jumpstart your project.


Session Details:

Deadlines are created to support you to make your creativity a priority and to meet your goals in three ways:

Step 1 – A Walk through, talk through the Life You’re Living

Step 2 – The creation of the plan with the action steps you are committing to create by design

Step 3 –  The continuing development of the practice

For more information or to schedule your first session click below.

Curious about how to create a magical life of creative inspiration ?